Lubomyr Prytulak
Published 08Mar2020, last edited 11Mar2020

What a powerful method of convincing the public that a vaccine is safe — show celebrities, as for example US presidents, taking the vaccine merrily and seemingly without ill effect.

President Gerald Ford, SwineFlu-1976

President Barack Obama, SwineFlu-2009

Former Presidents Obama, Bush, and Clinton promising on 03Dec2020
to someday be vaccinated on camera against COVID-19

President Elect Joe Biden getting his second COVID-19 Pfizer shot, 11Jan2021

And yet US presidents getting, or promising to get, vaccinated against a current flu is an impossibility.

But if it's common practice, what's impossible about it?

Well, in the first place, vaccine manufacturers are so sure of getting sued for the damage and the death their vaccines will cause that they refuse to supply any unless the government grants them indemnity from prosecution.

And in the case of today's COVID-19, the danger of severe adverse reactions is unusually high because all the vaccines being rushed to market lack three characteristics that have traditionally justified trust.  Specifically, the new vaccines lack

  1. animal experiments which are especially prized for sometimes discovering that all animals are killed by the vaccine which leads to further research on that vaccine being suspended even before human clinical trials begin,

  2. prolonged clinical trials which give delayed adverse reactions time to appear,

  3. a vaccine-development methodology which has produced a variety of successful vaccines.

What is impossible, then, is that Pfizer, say, would risk killing a president because then the whole world would not only reject Pfizer's regicidal vaccine, but would also begin to regard all Pfizer products with heightened suspicion, and Pfizer would forever carry the stigma of having killed a US president.  And even Big Pharmas that are not in today's COVID-19 vaccine competition would dread a president's vaccine death because a slain president would tar the images of all pharmaceutical manufacturers perhaps for centuries.

And worse than deaths might be severe adverse effects because if a vaccinated person dies, it can be blamed not on the vaccine, but on some weakness of his constitution, or some comorbidity, or even on the vaccine having arrived too late to save him from an impending COVID-19 death.  And the dead are soon forgotten, that is compared to someone afflicted with, say, Guillain Barré Syndrome, as was Judy Roberts during the SwineFlu-1976 microdemic.  The suffering of a semi-paralyzed celebrity can provide bad publicity for years and for decades.

Big Pharma, then, would not allow a president to take a risky vaccine for the same reason that a movie studio does not allow a famous movie star to perform his own stunts.

But Big Pharma would not be big if it didn't have a solution to the predicament of wanting to publicize the president taking the vaccine, yet fearing that he might be harmed, and that solution is to provide the hoi polloi with a people's vaccine, and the nobility with a safer, celeb version.  This is a widely known and openly discussed practice, though perhaps less so in the Anglophone world.

By way of evidence for the different-folks different-pokes hypothesis are the following English-language subtitles for the opening words in the German-language documentary on SwineFlu-2009 titled
Profiteure der Angst (Profiteers of Fear), originally broadcast on mainstream German TV in Nov 2009:


Good evening ladies and gentlemen.

Something like this does not go down very well with the citizens of a modern democracy — members of the German government will get a different swine flu vaccine than their subjects, one which works without a controversial additive to strengthen the effect of the vaccine.

This additive is also in "Pandemrix", ordered for mass vaccinations of the French population, but "no problem, everything is tested" says the German licensing authority, and they inject their employees but with the vaccine which doesn't contain the additive.

And also in the USA, citizens get the version without the additive.

This is something to think about.

The German Chancellor and a few ministers have explained in the meantime that they would take the "people's" version of the vaccine — but that would be a useless exercise because it would undoubtedly make citizens feel more insecure compared to how they already are because many doctors in Germany generally advise against vaccination, saying that the risks outweigh the benefits.

And, so far, the Swine flu has been much less serious than initially feared.

Withholding an adjuvant is not the only way to make a vaccination safer.  One can also decrease the volume of the infusion, as by dividing a vial into six doses instead of the prescribed five, an idea that comes to mind upon reading that confusion has arisen as to which is correct, as is described under the title "Health Canada says Pfizer's vaccine vials can be stretched to 6 doses" at

The pinnacle of patient safety might be achieved by injecting only saline solution.

A reader too squeamish to imagine any Big Pharma this devious would do well to read at the conclusions of three highly-credentialled doctors who agree that Big Pharma is indistinguishable from Organized Crime, the three being

  • Dr Richard Smith (of the British Medical Journal)
  • Dr Drummond Rennie (of the New England Journal of Medicine), and
  • Dr Peter Gøtzsche (of the Cochrane Collaboration and Nordic Cochrane Centre).
And squeamishness at the impoliteness of attributing base motivation would be totally erased by glancing at some Big Pharma rap sheets, as for example Pfizer's at


Although during SwineFlu-2009 in Germany, everybody seemed to know who would be getting the people's version and who the celebs' version, the ubiquity of awareness is unlikely to hold from one situation to another.  Sometimes it might be only the celebrity who knows everything, and the people nothing.  Or, the pharma might decide a celebrity's life mustn't be risked even if he wants to risk it, and so might give him only a saline solution without telling him.

And if it says in the Profiteure der Angst broadcast above that America was adjuvant-free in 2009, that doesn't mean it had also been adjuvant-free during any earlier pandemic, or that it would continue to be adjuvent-free in any future pandemic.


Original Google translation
MIRROR    Science
Schutz vor Schweinegrippe
Kanzlerin und Minister sollen speziellen Impfstoff erhalten
Protection against swine flu
Chancellor and Minister are to receive special vaccine
Kanzlerin und Minister sollen nach SPIEGEL-Informationen mit speziellem Impfstoff vor Schweinegrippe geschützt werden.  Beamte von Ministerien und nachgeordneten Behörden ebenso.  Das Vakzin enthält keine umstrittenen Zusatzstoffe - im Gegensatz zum Impfstoff für den Rest der Bevölkerung. According to SPIEGEL information, the Chancellor and Minister should be protected against swine flu with a special vaccine.  Officials from ministries and subordinate authorities as well.  The vaccine does not contain any controversial additives - unlike the vaccine for the rest of the population.
Berlin - Bis vor wenigen Tagen hatte kaum jemand außerhalb von Fachzirkeln das Wort Adjuvans gehört.  Doch nun ist eine öffentliche Diskussion über die Zusammensetzung des Impfstoffs für die demnächst anlaufende Schweinegrippeimpfung entflammt.  Dabei taucht immer wieder der Begriff auf, mit dem ein Zusatzstoff zur Wirkverstärkung bezeichnet wird. Berlin - Until a few days ago, hardly anyone outside of specialist circles had heard the word adjuvant.  But now a public discussion about the composition of the vaccine for the swine flu vaccination, which is due to start soon, has flared up.  The term used to describe an additive for enhancing the effectiveness of the drug keeps appearing.
Kritiker argumentieren, dass Adjuvantien zu gesteigerten Impfreaktionen wie Kopfschmerzen oder Fieber führen könnten.  Unterstützer halten dagegen, dass die Impfung auch mit den Zusatzstoffen sicher sei - und dass auf diese Weise mehr Wirkstoffdosen hergestellt werden könnten.  Vor einigen Tagen hatte die Bundeswehr bekanntgegeben, dass sie für ihre Soldaten einen Impfstoff ohne Zusatzstoffe geordert hat. Critics argue that adjuvants could lead to increased vaccination reactions such as headache or fever.  Supporters oppose that the vaccination is safe even with the additives - and that more active ingredient doses could be produced in this way.  A few days ago the Bundeswehr announced that it had ordered a vaccine without additives for its soldiers.
Doch nach SPIEGEL-Informationen sollen auch weitere Personengruppen eine Impfung ohne Adjuvantien erhalten: "Wir haben 200.000 Dosen des nicht-adjuvantierten Impfstoffs Celvapan der Firma Baxter gekauft", räumt Christoph Hübner, Sprecher des Bundesinnenministeriums ein.  Anders als das Präparat von GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), das ab kommender Woche in 50 Millionen Dosen für die Bevölkerung ausgegeben wird, enthält der Baxter-Impfstoff keinen Wirkverstärker. But according to SPIEGEL information, other groups of people should also receive a vaccination without adjuvant: "We bought 200,000 doses of the non-adjuvanted vaccine Celvapan from Baxter," admits Christoph Huebner, spokesman for the Federal Ministry of the Interior.  Unlike the preparation from GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), which will be dispensed in 50 million doses for the general public from next week, the Baxter vaccine does not contain a potentiator.
Allerdings kommt Celvapan nur deshalb ohne die umstrittenen Hilfsstoffe aus, weil es ganze abgetötete Viren und nicht Virenbruchstücke enthält.  Die Substanz wird den für die Aufrechterhaltung der öffentlichen Ordnung zuständigen Staatsdienern gespritzt: Mitgliedern des Kabinetts sowie Beamten der Ministerien und der nachgeordneten Behörden.  Dazu zählen auch die Mitarbeiter des für die Impfstoffzulassung zuständigen Paul-Ehrlich-Instituts, das vergangene Woche wiederholt seine Entscheidung verteidigt hat, der Bevölkerung die GSK-Vakzine zu beschaffen. However, Celvapan can only do without the controversial excipients because it contains whole, killed viruses and not virus fragments.  The substance is injected into the public servants responsible for maintaining public order: members of the cabinet, as well as officials from the ministries and subordinate authorities.  This also includes the employees of the Paul Ehrlich Institute responsible for vaccine approval, which last week repeatedly defended its decision to procure the GSK vaccine for the population.
"Gesundheitsbehörden sind auf Pharmakonzerne hereingefallen"

Für den Vorsitzenden der Arzneimittelkommission der deutschen Ärzteschaft, Wolf-Dieter Ludwig, ist das ein Skandal, der den Menschen kaum zu vermitteln sei.  "Wir sind unglücklich über diese Impfkampagne", so Ludwig weiter.  Sie werfe zahlreiche Probleme auf, ihr Nutzen sei ungewiss: "Die Gesundheitsbehörden sind auf eine Kampagne der Pharmakonzerne hereingefallen, die mit einer vermeintlichen Bedrohung schlichtweg Geld verdienen wollten."
"Health authorities have fallen for pharmaceutical companies"

For the chairman of the drug commission of the German medical profession, Wolf-Dieter Ludwig, this is a scandal that can hardly be conveyed to people.  "We are unhappy about this vaccination campaign," Ludwig continued.  They pose numerous problems, their benefits are uncertain: "The health authorities fell for a campaign by the pharmaceutical companies that simply wanted to earn money with an alleged threat."
Weil der GSK-Impfstoff nicht an Schwangeren getestet wurde, muss auch für sie kurzfristig nicht-adjuvantierter Impfstoff besorgt werden.  Das zuständige Thüringer Gesundheitsministerium hatte am Freitag erklärt, man verhandle mit verschiedenen Herstellern über einen begrenzten Nachkauf von Impfstoff ohne die umstrittenen Hilfsstoffe.  Der Staatssekretär im Bundesgesundheitsministerium, Klaus Theo Schröder, bestätigte das gegenüber dem SPIEGEL: "Es laufen derzeit Gespräche mit Herstellern sowie den Gesundheitsministerien in Frankreich und den USA, mit dem Ziel, für Schwangere auch nicht-adjuvantierten Impfstoff zu beschaffen." Because the GSK vaccine has not been tested on pregnant women, short-term non-adjuvanted vaccine must also be obtained for them.  The responsible Thuringian Ministry of Health announced on Friday that it was negotiating with various manufacturers about a limited purchase of vaccines without the controversial auxiliaries.  The State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Health, Klaus Theo Schröder, confirmed this to SPIEGEL: "Talks are currently underway with manufacturers and the health ministries in France and the USA with the aim of obtaining non-adjuvanted vaccines for pregnant women."
Offene Rebellion herrscht unter Allgemeinmedizinern und Kinderärzten.  Der Präsident der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Allgemeinmedizin und Familienmedizin, Michael Kochen, rät den deutschen Hausärzten von der Impfung ab.  "Das Schadensrisiko überwiegt den Nutzen", sagt der Göttinger Professor.  Wolfram Hartmann, Präsident des Berufsverbands der Kinder- und Jugendärzte, wirft der Bundesregierung "wissenschaftliche Falschaussagen" vor.  Wie bei Schwangeren, so gelte auch für Kinder unter drei Jahren: "Der Impfstoff ist an ihnen noch überhaupt nicht getestet, deshalb ist das Risiko einfach zu groß, ihn jetzt bedenkenlos einzusetzen." Open rebellion reigns among general practitioners and paediatricians.  The President of the German Society for General Medicine and Family Medicine, Michael Cooking, advises German general practitioners against the vaccination.  "The risk of damage outweighs the benefit," says the Göttingen professor Wolfram Hartmann, president of the professional association of paediatricians, accuses the federal government of "scientific false statements".  As with pregnant women, the same applies to children under three: "The vaccine has not yet been tested on them at all, so the risk is simply too great to use it now without hesitation."
Kinder hätten ein Immunsystem, das zu Überreaktionen neige, genau die aber könnten durch den Zusatz von Wirkverstärkern ausgelöst werden.  Zusätzlich sei dem Impfstoff auch noch ein quecksilberhaltiger Konservierungsstoff beigefügt.  "Das Zeug hat man in heutigen Impfstoffen für Kleinkinder bewusst herausgehalten", sagte Hartmann. Children have an immune system that tends to overreact, but that is exactly what can be triggered by the addition of potentiators.  A preservative containing mercury is also added to the vaccine.  "That stuff was deliberately kept out of today's vaccines for young children," said Hartmann.