Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi:   Are We Being Told the Truth About COVID-19?
From   11Nov2020


Professor Bhakdi is a Thai-German specialist in microbiology and co-author of Corona, False Alarm?: Facts and Figures.


QUESTION:  You're telling me that we have just shut down the country for the second time here in the UK, what you're telling me is that quite possibly the results of the election in America, you're telling me that the whole world has changed because of something that is not true?
BHAKTI:  That is exactly what I'm trying to tell you.

QUESTION:  Would you take the vaccine?
BHAKTI:  Of course not!  I'm not mad!

QUESTION:  Do you feel that the government has made a decision that is essentially — in attempting a vague claim to save lives — actually what they're doing is killing way more people than they're saving?
BHAKTI:  Of course they are, and I can tell you that lawyers around the world are now going to bring thousands of cases to court and to bring those people to justice.  I know that cases have been filed next week in Germany, and I know that the British are also going to be taken to court.  I hope they are going to be punished because what they are doing is criminal.  It is simply criminal.  This is not only what I am saying, but what thousands and thousands of people are saying.  And it's not a matter of belief.  We know that people have died.  We know that people are dying around the world because of these lockdown measures.  Millions of people in India have starved to death and are starving to death, and it's simply inhuman to do what they are doing.  It is inhuman.

QUESTION:  What's the one thing we're not talking about, but we really should be?
BHAKTI:  We should be talking about why and how our society has allowed these things to happen.  How and why?  And we must try to get the answers to these so that this will never happen again.