Has the World Health Organisation Opened Itself Up to Corruption?
From    11Jul2016

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Tamiflu (2010): Was the pandemic advice given by the WHO compromised?

Clear financial links have emerged between scientists behind the flu policies of the World Health Organisation and the manufacturers of Tamiflu.
In 2004 the WHO issued advice that countries stockpile antivirals.  By 2005 Tamiflu sales had reached $1.3 billion worldwide.  Scientists behind the WHO guidelines were receiving funds from Roche, producers of the drug.  Is this a dangerous threat to scientific validity?  The WHO claim that conflicts of interest are "inherent in any relationship".  Yet the Council of Europe argues that the critical problem is that the WHO has no obligation to make such information open to the public.  "And that leaves the WHO, the scientists and the pharmaceutical companies open to every conspiracy theory under the sun".

Produced in association with the British Medical Journal.

Iain Overton – Ref. 4843

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