Coronavirus: Thousands protest against COVID-19 measures in Berlin
From   29Aug2020

Global News

Thousands of demonstrators gathered in Berlin on Aug. 29 to protest against measures aimed at curbing the spread of the novel coronavirus.

From the early morning, protesters gathered at the Brandenburg Gate, while the main march set off from Friedrichstrasse in the city centre.

Berlin police said that roughly 18,000 people were present at the beginning of the demonstration.

Far-right groups were seen among the demonstrators, including the "Reichsbuerger" network that claims allegiance to the pre-war German Reich and says the modern-day Federal Republic of Germany is illegitimate.

Other protesters carried signs with slogans in support of the conspiracy theory QAnon, and referred to the "lying press" and "corona lies."

Counter-demonstrators gathered nearby holding signs and banners with anti-fascist slogans.

The city of Berlin had banned the demonstration earlier this week after protesters at a recent rally failed to wear masks or keep their distance.  But, that decision was overturned in court, allowing the demonstration to go ahead.