Leigh Dundas at the Health & Freedom Conference, Tulsa 2021
From    2021

An excerpt:

This week, in Orange County California, the cattle cars of yesteryear, the cattle cars of Auschwitz, came rolling into my town, wanting my child to get on board, and that is not acceptable.  That is completely unacceptable in any place, and especially where I live.  So, if you don't know what happened in Orange County, about ten days ago, the Orange County Health Officer, a guy by the name of Dr Clayton Chau, got together with the Superintendant of Schools in our County, and they hatched a little plan.  And they decided in their wisdom that they were going to take our taxpayer-funded schools and turn them into COVID vaccination centers so they could deploy an experimental medical protocol that killed every ferret in the last animal trial that was done.

Worse!  Worse!  They decided they were going to see if they could find a way to legally sidestep parental informed consent so that little Johnny could get bribed with a donut after recess in kindergarten, and go walking back to the nurse's office, and roll his sleeve up, and get this experimental protocol without his parents ever being the wiser.