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Alan Jones: "Australians must know the truth — this virus is not a pandemic"
16Sep2020  07:13

Dr Lee Merritt Unmasking the truth
25Nov2020  01:39:11


Corbett Report: The Future of Vaccines
23Dec2020  41:34

Dr Larry Palevski Connecticut testimony re immunization legislation
19Feb2020  28:36

Dr. Roger Hodkinson: Call in to Edmonton COVID discussion
17Nov2020  05:02

HUGO TALKS: Danes block Big Pharma dictatorship
20Nov2020  05:37

EPIDEMILOV: Denmark Protests — Epidemic law and mandatory vaccination
19Nov2020  05:34

Dr Peter Gøtzsche exposes big pharma as organized crime
01Apr2015  07:41

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem speaks at CPAC 2021
27Feb2021  26:57

Those who cannot remember the past
are condemned to repeat it. — George Santayana
Thalidomide 1956-today
Swine Flu 1976

No Limits — Thalidomide Babies:  Trailer
11Apr2016  03:10

Thalidomide baby
No Limits — Thalidomide Babies:  Filmmaker John Zaritsky's documentary, Reel Truth
21Mar2019  01:17:51

Swine Flu 1976, Public Service Announcements
06Jul2009  03:03

Swine Flu 1976, Pres. Gerald Ford:  Press conference Washington DC, 25Mar1976
23Jul2015  01:14

Swine Flu 1976, Mike Wallace:  60 Minutes.  The Swine flu scare of 1976
04Nov1979  15:45

Swine Flu 2009

Swine Flu 2009:  Drug firms made "false H1N1 claims"
11Jan2010  02:52

Swine Flu 2009:  Arte:  Profiteure der Angst / Profiteers of Fear
(English subtitles)
23Nov2009  56:43


Untrustworthy Data

Dr Annie Bukacek: Montana Physician describes how Death Certificates are created and how COVID-19 deaths are inflated.
20Apr2020  17:35

Tony Robbins: How The CDC’s Guidelines For Certifying Coronavirus Deaths Could Be Misleading The Public
20Apr2020  12:17

Tony Robbins: Unmasking the Science You Aren't Hearing on TV.
23May2020  13:07

11Alive: "Positive and negative, four hours apart."  Accuracy of COVID-19 testing in question.
07May2020  04:12

President John Magufuli of Tanzania tests motor oil, plants, and animals for Corona, with amazing results.
07May2020  08:01

Erin Marie Olszewski: The (Undercover) Epicenter Nurse
09Jun2020  01:10:34

Mikki Willis: Plandemic The Movie, Part One — Dr Judy Mikovits

Operation Moonshot - Leaked Government Document Reveals Mass False Positive Test Rollout for UK Population in 2021
2020  43:45

Spiro Skouras: We Are Being Lied To! Here Is How…
17Oct2020  26:41

Lord Jonathan Sumption

Lord Sumption: Explains national overreaction to coronavirus.  (Audio only)
30Mar2020  06:57

Lord Sumption: Discusses Coronavirus Lockdown.  (Audio only)
12May2020  08:10

Lord Sumption: The current rationale for the UK lockdown is incoherent
17May2020  40:12

Lord Sumption discusses the Coronavirus shutdown and his career with Nick Robinson on BBC Sounds.  (Audio only)
30May2020    32:50

Lord Sumption: RSM In Conversation Live with Lord Jonathan Sumption
16Jul2020  01:02:58

Lord Sumption: UK September lockdown not enforceable
13Sep2020  10:27

Lord Sumption: Fear has been 'skilfully and deliberately' used by government to ensure compliance
03Nov2020  07:02

Peter Hitchens

Peter Hitchens: Hysterical reaction to Covid19 & public support of lockdown is scary & dangerous
17Apr2020  34:02

Peter Hitchens: We Love Big Brother!
19Apr2020  10:01

Peter Hitchens: The Lockdown is a Catastrophe
31May2020  01:00:33

Peter Hitchens: The Rule of Six has "made Christmas an arrestable offence."
14Sep2020  21:51

Peter Hitchens reacts to coronavirus briefing: "Ramping up Covid figures is a political move"
21Sep2020  42:05

Dr John Ioannidis The Bakersfield Drs

Dr John Ioannidis
Dr John Ioannidis: Perspectives on the Pandemic, Episode 4
17Apr2020  01:12:58

Dr John Ioannidis
Dr John Ioannidis: Time to Start Opening Up, with Science, not Partisan Politics
23Apr2020  04:09

Dr John Ioannidis
Dr John Ioannidis: Results of Coronavirus Studies
30Apr2020  07:38

Bakersfield Doctors
Dan Erickson & Artin Massihi: The Bakersfield doctors' debut presentation
22Apr2020  51:55

Bakersfield Doctors
Artin Massihi & Dan Erickson: The Bakersfield doctors' follow-up
04May2020  47:17

Dr Vernon Coleman

Dr Vernon Coleman: Banned Video
14May2020  03:52

Dr Vernon Coleman: Where is the science behind social distancing rules?
26May2020  08:09

Dr Vernon Coleman: Forbidden Truths
16Aug2020  20:57

Dr Vernon Coleman:
How the Coronavirus Hoax Has Permanently Destroyed Health Care
30Aug2020  21:20

Dr Vernon Coleman: Revealed — How the BBC is Deliberately Suppressing the Truth
27Sep2020  29:14

Dr Vernon Coleman: Revealed — Why I Believe Politicians and Advisors Will Go to Prison
01Oct2020  18:25

World Health Organization (WHO)

WHO statue
Journeyman Pictures:  Has the WHO opened itself up to corruption?
11Jun2016  12:26

Lilian Franck:  trustWHO Trailer.  Powerful investigative documentary
20Mar2018  02:28

Robert Cibis of trustWHO
trustWHO filmmakers respond to Vimeo Censorship.
17Apr2020  09:15

Insight Through Satire

Awaken with JP Sears:  What it's like to believe everything the media tells you.
06May2020  08:37

JP Sears:  Why the Lockdown Should Last Longer.
03Jun2020  05:17

JP Sears:  Vaccinations?—Offendy Award Winner
04Apr2019  02:14

Coronavirus — It’s Deadlier Than You Thought
11Mar2020  04:58

JP Sears — COVID Death Count
01Sep2020  04:37

22 Minutes — Forgot your mask?
20Oct2020  00:59

Bengt Washburn — Three Repetitions
22Oct2020  35:59 (06:05 relevant)

Anonymous — Consonant deletion to slow COVID-19
14Dec2020  02:48

Some Scientists

Dr Wolfgang Wodarg: views the current Corona pandemic (English subtitles)
13Mar2020  10:50

Prof Sucharit Bhakdi: Any sense in a vaccine against COVID!??  (English subtitles)
09May2020  16:04

Prof Sucharit Bhakdi: Immunity and Immunization (English subtitles)
Jun2020  40:02

Prof Sucharit Bhakdi: Are We Being Told the Truth About COVID-19?
11Nov2020  01:01:16

Vaccine Dangers

FRONTLINE / The Vaccine War / PBS:  Debate over risks versus benefits, and right to choose versus government coercion
Orig. Apr2010  54:01

60 Minutes Australia:  Controversial researcher claims link between vaccine and autism
23Mar2019  12:42

60 Minutes Australia:  Scientist says a coronavirus vaccine in just 12 months is "fake news"
17Mar2020  12:54

The Maverick of Wall Street:  Exposing The Moderna Vaccine Scam
15Jul2020  18:58


WORST DRUG SCANDAL — Bayer mass murders thousands with HIV-tainted drugs — Factor VIII
19Oct2016  07:41

Damage Done By The Government Response To COVID-19

Tucker Carlson:  Elites don't want you to question their corona policies.  30 million jobless.  Salon owner jailed.
06May2020  06:28

David Starkey COVID-19 — Britain's Disastrous Response.  We've committed economic suicide.
16May2020  40:12

The Doctor Is In: Scott Atlas and the Efficacy of Lockdowns, Social Distancing, and Closings
23Jun2020  50:30

Denise Welch Accuses the Government of "Scaremongering" over the Covid Pandemic
04Sep2020  13:11

David Icke: The Truth Behind the Plandemic Lockdown and the Economic Crash
01Oct2020  02:00:21


World Doctors Alliance Press Conference Berlin
10Oct2020  18:17

Fraud, Treason and Genocide — a Private Criminal Prosecution of Parliament — Legal History in the Making
16Oct2020  01:16:35

Dr Reiner Fuellmich:  Crimes Against Humanity
03Oct2020  49:00

Dr Reiner Fuellmich:  Money Talks Update 1
19Oct2020  05:02


The anti-lockdown movement: a very American protest amid coronavirus pandemic
20Apr2020  02:55

UK: Jeremy Corbyn's brother among 19 arrested at London anti-lockdown protest
17May2020  04:13

Video emerges of woman claiming she was choked in Victoria Police mask arrest
11Aug2020  08:03

Coronavirus: Thousands protest against COVID-19 measures in Berlin
29Aug2020    03:03

DW News: Berlin police try to shut down protest against coronavirus restrictions
29Aug2020  04:44

Poland: COVID sceptics decry measures in Warsaw protest
12Sep2020  02:31

Thousands of anti-vaccine and anti-lockdown protesters gathered in London's Trafalgar Square
20Sep2020  01:01

Clashes erupt as thousands attend anti-lockdown protests in London
26Sep2020  01:35

"No one is listening", says woman arrested for taking mother from care home
05Nov2020  15:32

Nick Ferrari: Woman held for hugging mum
05Nov2020  07:44

Trafalgar Square anti-COVID protest poster

Photo from Reel Truth thalidomide video above
Mother and Child