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Vaccination Terminator #1:  Big Pharma Rap Sheets

Of course you're not going to tell your audiences that Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson have been clobbered with penalties such as the following three, because if you did, trust in their vaccines would evaporate and vaccination campaigns would collapse:

US Department of Justice logo

  • Pfizer was penalized US$2.3 billion in 2009 for illegally marketing its painkiller Bextra, and its antipsychotic Geodon, and its antibiotic Zyvox, and its nerve pain treatment Lyrica, and which US$2.3 billion is only one of many penalties listed on the  Pfizer Rap Sheet.

  • AstraZeneca was penalized US$520 million in 2010 for illegally marketing its anti-psychotic drug Seroquel for uses not approved as safe and effective by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and which US$520 million is only one of many penalties listed on the  AstraZeneca Rap Sheet.

  • Johnson & Johnson was penalized US$2.2 billion in 2013 for illegally marketing its drugs Risperdal, Invega, and Natrecor for uses not approved by the FDA, and which US$2.2 billion is only one of many penalties listed on the  Johnson & Johnson Rap Sheet

However, I wonder if you realize that withholding information such as the above violates a standard of professional ethics which can be found expressed in the
  • Handbook for Good Clinical Research Practice (GCP), World Health Organization   GCP
  • International Council for Harmonization, Good Clinical Practice (ICH-GCP)   ICH
  • American Medical Association (AMA) Journal of Ethics     AMA

and which ethical standard is that every medical treatment requires the informed consent of the intended recipient of that treatment, and the information which is most obligatory to disclose is the information that is most likely to alter willingness to submit to the treatment in question.

So, if I've got it right, the Pfizer and AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson Rap Sheets are information.  They're certainly not rumor, and they're certainly not conspiracy theory.  They're publications of Departments of Justice, for present purposes mainly from the US, but ideally from all over the world, reporting proceedings designed for the purpose of revealing truth.

And Rap Sheets are information which most certainly might alter willingness to submit to being vaccinated, and therefore which doctors are required to disclose to whomever they recommend vaccination.

Vaccination Terminator #2:  SpanishFlu-1918

The graph below shows the Death Spike of October 1918 which is the salient feature of SpanishFlu-1918, and which Death Spike is commonly attributed to a killer virus (as RFERL can be seen doing below) when in fact the 1918 virus was remarkably mild, and the Death Spike was more likely caused by Aspirin overdose, as is summarized at DEJA VU COVID-19?

The key piece of evidence to be noted is that just prior to the October 1918 Death Spike, Aspirin was proclaimed as the treatment of choice for SpanishFlu-1918 by

  • the US Surgeon General (13Sep1918),
  • the US Navy (26Sep1918),
  • The Journal of the American Medical Association (05Oct1918),

but in doses so large as to be recognized today as toxic.  The three above voices possibly reached and convinced the entire medical establishment, not only in the US but also throughout much of the world.

The Aspirin-overdose hypothesis explains many things that the killer-virus hypothesis cannot explain, as for example why the 1918 flu's arrival was everywhere credited with mildness (heavy-dosage Aspirin had not as yet been widely mandated), why the symptoms of the dying were symptoms not of influenza but of Aspirin poisoning, why it killed particularly males in their prime years (heavy-dosage Aspirin had been mandated in the military), why China was swept with the 1918 flu but did not experience high mortality (it relied on traditional Chinese medicine which excluded Aspirin), and so on.

Any doctor who has cited SpanishFlu 1918 as an example of a killer virus whose return we must ever fear is now under particularly strong obligation to disclose that SpanishFlu-1918 teaches us rather to fear the arrival of a Big Pharma killer drug (which Aspirin becomes at high dosages) riding on the back of a regular seasonal flu.

1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic:
The Virus That Infected One-Third Of The World

The Spanish flu that spread around the world a century ago killing millions puts the coronavirus crisis in perspective.
By Amos Chapple    05Mar2020

Vaccination Terminator #3:  SwineFlu-1976

Forty-five million Americans were vaccinated during the SwineFlu-1976 panic, but not in response to any pandemic, but to a microdemic, so called because it lasted only three weeks, was confined to only a single spot on the entire planet (Fort Dix NJ), and was accompanied by only a single death, that of a young recruit who was more likely killed by the five-mile forced march during which he collapsed, than by the SwineFlu-1976 microdemic virus.  And to top off all that irrationality, the vaccination began to be administered 7¾ months after the three-week microdemic had ended.

All of which has been explained in greater detail, and rendered vivid by three historic videos, at SwineFlu-1976.

Of course this summary of SwineFlu-1976 needs to be concealed as much as possible from the public because its disclosure would lead to defection from the pro-vaccination camp.  At least that might be the sentiment of a pharmaceutical salesman.  Medical straight shooters, however, would not have to dig through the ethics literature to know their obligation.  They never lose sight of the golden rule that information which has a good chance of igniting treatment aversion is precisely the information that it is most mandatory to disclose.

It's What Big Pharma Most Wants To Hide
That Patients Most Want To Know
And That Doctors Are Most Obligated To Tell Them

Guillain Barré Syndrome victim Judy Roberts

Let us recollect what we saw in the 60 Minutes coverage of SwineFlu-1976 — the feelings of Judy and Gene Roberts when they realized that Judy would have been spared the devastating paralysis of Guillain Barré if their doctors had disclosed relevant information, which is to say, compliance-altering information.

It seems to be so frequently forgotten that it cannot be repeated often enough:

MIKE WALLACE:  But that much-publicized outbreak of swine flu at Fort Dix involved only Private Lewis, who died, and those four other soldiers, who recovered completely without the swine flu shot.

JUDY ROBERTS:  If I had known at that time that the boy had been in a sick bed, got up, went out on a forced march and then collapsed and died, I would never have taken the shot.

GENE ROBERTS:  Yes, I looked at that document, I signed it.  Nothing on there said I was going to have a heart attack, or I can get Guillain Barre, which I’d never heard of.

MIKE WALLACE:  What if people from the government, from the Center for Disease Control, what if they had indeed, known about it, what would be your feeling?

JUDY ROBERTS:  They should have told us.

GENE ROBERTS:  I—I am a little more adamant in my thoughts than my wife is, because I asked – told Judy to take the shot.  She wasn’t going to take it, and she never had had shots.  And I’m mad with my government because they knew the facts, but they didn’t release those facts because they – if they had released them, the people wouldn’t have taken it.  And they can come out tomorrow and tell me there’s going to be an epidemic, and they can drop off like flies next to me, I will not take another shot that my government tells me to take.

MIKE WALLACE:  Meantime, Judy Roberts and some 4,000 others like her are still waiting for their day in court.

If the public were informed of the three above Vaccination Terminators, vaccination would stop dead in its tracks.  And alongside those three Vaccination Terminators stand a hundred others awaiting their chance to be heard, any handful of which if broadcast would bring vaccination to a screeching halt, and the whole hundred of which could put Big Pharma COVID-19 fraudsters behind bars.

Whatever distribution the vaccination program has been enjoying to date is owing to Rap-Sheet-Laden Big Pharma blindfolding the people so that they cannot see the mountain of evidence which would make them refuse all the vaccination choices currently on offer.