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by Semmel Weis
Semmel Weis under Silberspitze
First published 09Aug2017     Last edited 19May2020 01:54am

I write about multiple myeloma because it has struck close to home.  The attack led me to begin reading on the subject.

I write because I have a foundation in scientific method, having taught statistics and research methodology as a tenured faculty member in a North American university.  It was this background which enabled me to judge that some of the oncological literature I was reading was defective and fallacious, which judgments I thought would be in the public interest to publish.

Toward The Beginning Of My Beginnings

Postcard featuring Die Silberspitze (Silver Peak), with Landeck Castle in the foreground

Die Silberspitze with Landeck Castle in Austria

been there

Semmel Weis in front of Die Silberspitze in Landeck, Austria

ahead by a length

Baby Driver Semmel Weis in his VW Kubelwagen

driving my VW Kubelwagen, Type 82, introduced in 1943,

VW Kubelwagen Type 82 1943

and many years later exclaiming, "Hey, that's my car!" when SD officer Gunter Franken pulled up in one

VW Kubelwagen makes its appearance in Paul Verhoeven film, BLACK BOOK

in Black Book

Paul Verhoeven's BLACK BOOK

I had learned to perform many maintenance and repair tasks on the VW Kubelwagen, often requiring as tool nothing better than a rock found lying on the ground

Semmel Weis does maintenance work on his VW Kubelwagen

and when "ahead by a length" above, it had been against the momentarily-lagging, but nevertheless greatly-admired, 1938 Borgward Hansa 1100

1938 Borgward Hansa 1100 is what Semmel Weis beat by a length

but it was the lurid ads of the Ford Super Deluxe that really drove me to distraction

Lurid Ford Super Deluxe 1947 ad that drove Semmel Weis to distraction

so you can imagine how delighted I was to get one for my birthday

Semmel Weis birthday present is a 1947 Ford Super Deluxe

and many years later exclaiming "Hey, that's my car!" when I saw Biff driving the convertible version of the Ford Super Deluxe while chasing Marty McFly,

Biff chases Mary McFly in his Ford Super Deluxe in BACK TO THE FUTURE

though thinking it not at all amusing to see a machine of such extraordinary beauty buried under manure,

Biff's Ford Super Deluxe in BACK TO THE FUTURE is covered with manure

in Back to the Future:

Back to the Future poster

Consistantly winnning recognition for being best-balanced among my peers,

Semmel Weis is best-balanced among his peers, and best-dressed as well

no matter their number,

Semmel Weis is best-balanced among his peers, no matter their number

I nevertheless accept a farewell bouquet upon leaving Silberspitze forever.  Written on the side of the train — destination Innsbruck:

Semmel Weis departs the Silberspitze valley for Innsbruck

My first car in the New World was the Volvo PV544, produced 1958-1966, and finally the right color,

My first car in the New World was a Volvo PV544, shown here in the hills above Palo Alto

a car simple to maintain and repair because there was practically nothing under the hood,

Volvo PV544 is simple to maintain

though some said that with my color weakness, I should have gotten help matching tints,

Volvo PV544 with a YELLOW FENDER

and many years later exclaiming "Hey, that's my car!" when I saw Helen getting into one with a broken door-handle and misaligned hood

Helen getting into Volvo PV544 in The World According To Garp

in The World According To Garp.

The World According To Garp Blu-ray Disc POSTER